UNTITLED Art Miami Beach 2021

Casa Hoffmann is pleased to present at UNTITLED ART, Miami Beach 2021 the works of two artists whose vision revolves around the study of wave phenomena related to the energy of nature present in erosion, the power of water to sculpt rocks and the sounds that come from them, and the exploration of various  spatial dimensions, them being sound, vibration, or space. These artistic creations have relied on scientific and technological research to reflect upon how oscillation, and the undulatory phenomenon manifest at different levels and scales in the universe.

Leonel Vásquez started his series entitled Canto Rodado as a field research project across many Colombian rivers. Vásquez explores the dynamics of sound and silence as traces of past events, effects of natural phenomena, or witnesses to uncovered stories. Canto Rodado evoques the flowing sound of a river on its path through different geological features and spaces, starting with pristine waters at the top of the mountain, flowing past the woods, and enduring pollution, war, and illegal mining on its path towards the sea. Each piece poetically sings the memories of water flowing upon the terrain, configuring a soundscape in which the audible comes directly from the interactions among the material in the landscape. In doing so, Vásquez has developed an experimental lutherie practice, using the elements the river itself has carved over time to give it back its own voice, crystallized in the rocks through erosion.

Andrés Moreno Hoffmann has centered his research on quantum physics and the multidimensionality of  reality as posed by String Theory; this conceptual framework, linked with principles from geometry, and the history of art and architecture has guided him to explore the possibility to represent a multidimensional reality onto a two-dimensional medium as painting on a canvas. His project Dimensiones Espaciales inscribes itself in the historical tradition of experimentation with the representation of space; it challenges our understanding of the fabric of space-time by proposing spatial configurations in which the multidimensional nature of reality is manifested through the complexity of composite perspectives, labyrinthic spaces, and geometrical games.